Education is key

Finally out of education for a little while now, I've begin to realize the the impact that schooling has had on the trajectory of my life. It has imprinted a desire for knowledge and understanding of the world and why things work the way that they do.

As a kid, I loved science and math. Math mostly. Probably because:

  1. Everyone else hated it and I was a hipster even as a child

  2. It was fun because I was good at it

Contrarianism aside,

Though it started in high school, it was the higher education that made the most lasting impact on my life. I did not sign up for my engineering degree but got lucky that I was placed there. Originally, I went for physics or mathematics but was placed in the weeder course of engineering that forced freshmen at Trinity University to find the major that would best suit them.

But I got through it and stuck with it. And learning about the science behind the impact of engineering left me curious and desiring more.

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