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concept: bare git repo

when you type

$ git clone

it produces the workspace and the repository. The repository is the hidden directory which is always named .git that the program known as git uses to create the workspace. The .git directory typically looks something like this.

├── HEAD
├── config
├── description
├── hooks
├── index
├── info
├── logs
├── objects
├── packed-refs
└── refs

5 directories, 5 files

I have no idea what these are because my understanding of how git works is superficial at best.

git bare repo

A git controlled repo has two parts: a hidden .git folder which contains the files which the program git needs to function to recreate the workspace, which is the other user side component. using the function-command

$ git clone --bare [fileName1] [fileName2]

this is a three state system because there are two clone processes

  • original repository

  • bare repository

  • git version controlled repo

really useful in creating a new project which is based in large part from another repo

this bare repo can be used a shit-fuck-undo return to save so keep it in a safe place

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