League of Legends

A game designed to be as addictive as possible, to get people hooked into coming back again and again...

This is a great game, but incredibly toxic due to the community. Turning off all-chat is a half measure that minimizes the toxicity but also makes it more difficult to win, because it is a team game that requires communication between all players. That in itself is a difficult thing to manage between 5 strangers on Summoner's Rift.

Additionally, it is a difficult game to pick up. The learning curve is steep and it is almost mandatory to already have people integrated in the game to help you pick it up.

Just a sick Kalista cannon rend, just one wild confluence of events which happens all the time on summoners rift

Practice Tool Shortcuts




shift t

add 10k gold

shift y

add level

shift u

lock level

shift h

lock tower health

shift g

turret aggro

shift s


different from the summoner spell; no cast time

shift v


ctrl shift “lowercase l”

forward 10 min


enemy dummy

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