Four Noble Truths of "Thermo"

Buddhist and Thermo seems to share unlikely similarities

The Laws of Thermodynamics and the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism share some structural qualities, that I would like to outline here.

  • Zero and the first truth, dukkha: Thermo states that two systems in equilibrium with a third are in equilibrium with eachother. Buddhism states that there is suffering or dissatisfaction with life. Both are saying that there is a "game" and we are all playing it

  • First law and second truth:

Seems like both are stating something exists, that it is a shared quantity, and

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Thermo also has four laws, just discovered in unusual order.

  • zero: If two systems are both in thermal equilibrium with a third system, then they are in thermal equilibrium with each other.

  • first: total energy of an isolated system is constant

  • second:The sum of the entropies of the initially isolated systems is less than or equal to the total entropy of the final combination

  • third: system's entropy approaches a constant value as its temperature approaches absolute zero.



a \ref{eqn:somelabel}


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