Common use everywhere programs, present across all machines as part of mollusk: travelling from shell to shell.


Ubiquitous way of roaming the web. Moving away from it since the security leak, even if I'm deep into it. Facebook gets the same message. However that aside, this program and the vimium extension makes traversing the internet a breeze. That might be a bit of hyperbole, but it is at least less of a chore. secure one time messaging.

Make real, fake code from Gist to .svg images

Thought it was ASCII art but it was really...

Clean text and shorten urls

Glyphs copy with ease, especially degrees ℃ and angstroms Å

Make a gif of words in candy

MATLAB source codes

The Uncensored Library created in Minecraft.

StoP that RIgHT NOW

Let me google that for you if feeling extra smartass-y

These prompts stick in your mind

webeditor online


Keep documents up to date without having to worry about. Doesn't have version control but does keep a record. Plays well with git.


Preferable over texting but hey, everything has a place.


Play with .cpp gotta have cmake .


latex for python

simple finite elements in python sfepy

Matlab Codes

Superhero API: a collection of a variety of super heros from all different universes. James Bond to Luke Skywalker and all those inbetween.

Gitsheet cheat sheet

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