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Things which have some tangible component that I can

Having spent so many years of my life doing random things it's about time that I tried to find an overarching theme to it the only one that I can find is that it is a process of creation not analysis or Discovery but to follow a process out to its logical conclusion. and with a little luck have something to show for it at the end. from high school theater building sets to Automotive engineering in my undergraduate classes, to 3D printing in my graduate courses.

None of these have hard-and-fast rules: if it is possible it can be done. However, the quality of the final product is affected. choosing good equipment and putting in the effort into preparation so that the results in component of the finished piece does not need any more finishing. welding a chassis in the Machine Shop taught me that even doing the exact same thing using similar materials does not guarantee quality results. There's so many intervening factors which affect how well the results turn out. Each attempt results in its own unique remnant which reflects it constitutive parts.

Wish List of Maker Products

Resin Printer. If one could make a helmet, other cosplay parts should be easy to do as well. Having a large ultrasonic cleaner would be nice to have in cleaning resin.

Laser Cutter. Undergraduate time at Trinity had access to the glowforge. It's a really intuitive interface: etching my name and contact into a laptop was simple and straightforward. Would make a 3D scanner easier to make.

Cool shirt and cool pants

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