Google Suite Sites

Since Chrome gets its own set of pages, might as well lump in the pages which Google itself makes, here.

This company apparently has its fingers in everything: a site to Keep notes, a personal Calendar to manage events, mail managed with Gmail filters, and a file Drive which manages version control between devices. The cost being that this is all linked to a singular account, but not everything that Google makes is hooked to an account.


All For Good is a project to help people find places to lend their help. Ngram viewer to show trends in history; trends to show a more immediate present. Translate between languages. Explore Arts and Culture around the world. Fonts to present your message. Sites to use those fonts.

Experiments which push the boundary of what one thinks can be done in a single webpage. Chrome has its own page. A nice example is tendrils. Another is visualizing higher dimensional space. Collaboration via jupyter notebook in co labs.

Music Lab

Google's Music Lab is a chrome experiment which has a variety of instruments (heh, instruments) which measures and display those measurements in a meaningful way. Watching music through the spectrogram is always an interesting experience. Drums with their instantaneous vertical lines and strings with their soaring harmonics parallel across the screen. I suggest Ihojin no Yaiba from Sword of the Stranger to listen to through the spectrograph: both features will be visible.


Found via these sources which are dated even at the time of writing.


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