• Chris Nkinthorn, $\texttt{20190627}$

Prompt: If you were asked to determine a boundary layer height for a given flow at a certain location, which method would you select (approaches may be order-of-magnitude, differential, integral, etc). Describe the reasons for your selection.

Discussion: Considering the three options presented, elimination of integral methods is justified by their nature requiring boundary conditions to evaluate. Differential methods appear promising, however require management of many terms. Each term represents another quantity at play in the computational domain. Hence, order of magnitude analysis is ideal because it eliminates all of these terms which do not contribute to the scheme.

Response to: Joe Bostick

Hey Joe, this is interesting because you approached the problem is a totally different way from how I interpreted it. Integral method approaches such as going back to the conservation are inherently more laborious. If what's required is a singular location, is it worthwhile to approach it this way?

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