Something that we all dread or desire, in some form or another.

Where to even begin with this one. There is the holistic sense of the word, it's an expenditure of effort in the hopes of creating meaningful change or progress. Or the day to day tasks to pull a livelihood together. One can string any number of definitions together but the gist should come across.

Everyone works: the rare few get to work toward their dreams and the rest of us get to work to keep a dream alive. I would consider schooling in all forms an aspect of "working", though some may disagree. It is effort to go to school and actively learn. From elementary to graduate and beyond, it is a form of working toward self-improvement.

It's hard to talk about my current work given it's nature. I hesitate to even talk about my employment. As such, I will have to talk about it in a roundabout nature. It is project engineering so only talk about specifics tangentially.

Personally, I found it very difficult to adapt to the daily grind. Schooling was a totally different kind of work and far more structured. Sit in class, take notes, and absorb information. Do homework, master the skills, and test to prove mastery. At the end of the day, just the right balance of active and passive time to occupy the day.

At work, without deadlines, it is far more

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