Not OS specific, just where I store shell and CLI knowledge which does not neatly fit into the macOS environment.

Using `ytdl`

Downloading video from youtube as mp3

Random Notes

using the - character as a prefix on files makes them *REALLY* hard to rename in the shell because it will think its an argument. For example, the situation that caused this note

why everything ends in rc.

Working with a brainless mass

To maintain, and get a feel for where things are clone the repository and list the contents using:

$ tree -L [n]

where [n] is the depth we are willing to traverse through this mess. However! Since this is a work in progress, cloning directly from the repository will also clone the other gitbooks that I'm working: this means that folder structure is not preserved and working offline requires downloading the whole thing as well as all the other shit I'm working on in these gitbooks.

mv -fileName1 +fileName2
mv: illegal option -- N
usage: mv [-f | -i | -n] [-v] source target
       mv [-f | -i | -n] [-v] source ... directory

Tmux customization vs screen

# 1. redo last command but as root sudo !! # 2. open an editor to run a command ctrl+x+e # 3. create a super fast ram disk mkdir -p /mnt/ram mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /mnt/ram -o size=8192M # 4. don't add command to history (note the leading space) ls -l # 5. fix a really long command that you messed up fc # 6. tunnel with ssh (local port 3337 -> remote host's on port 6379) ssh -L 3337: root@emkc.org -N # 7. quickly create folders mkdir -p folder/{sub1,sub2}/{sub1,sub2,sub3} # 8. intercept stdout and log to file cat file | tee -a log | cat > /dev/null # bonus: exit terminal but leave all processes running disown -a && exit

explainshell...match command-line arguments to their help text

http File Server or HFS is a program to share files using internet protocol

File Pizza or Free peer-to-peer file transfers in browser.

Google Style Guide holds for a variety of languages

AI do weird shit

Shell Patterns:

  • . means “any single character” except newline

  • * zero or more of the preceding match

  • + one or more of the preceding match

  • [abc] any one character of a, b, and c

  • (RX1|RX2) either something that matches RX1 or RX2

  • ^ the start of the line

  • $ the end of the line

Vim Cheat Sheet Website


Making XKCD style plots with matplotlib


List recurring task templates using the command task $(task +PARENT ids) all

Command Line Programs

nnn... A go-to file tree navigator. Lightweight, low-config, hjkl navigation style

fuck ... is the alias, brew install thefuck is the command to run on install. Helps take care of fat-fingering a command

taskwarrior ... the CLI to do list manager.

timewarrior... sister program to taskwarrior

inthe.am... utility to sync across machines and android

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