Intro to Finite Elements

F and U are both vectors and K is a matrix.

Lecture 1: Linear Algebra and Notation

Finite Element Methods are suitable for nonsquare, or rectangular matrices which is a change from SM, which typically deals with square, and for that matter symmetric, matrices.

Vectors are like matrices but has only one value in one of the 2 dimensions so the second index is omitted

Two special matrices, the zero matrix and the identity matrix. The zero matrix is the equivalent of identically zero in linear algebra. The identity matrix is a square matrix which has 1 along the main diagonal.

Lecture 2: Introduction to the Stiffness Displacement Method

Lecture 3: Finite Element System of Equations from Direct Stiffness

Lecture 4: Development of Displacement Based FEM in 1D, Formation of Stiffness Matrix

Lecture 5: Development of Displacement Based FEM in 2D, Constant Strain Triangle and Quadrilateral Elements

Lecture 6: Practical Considerations in FEM

Lecture 7: Convergence of FEM Results

Lecture 8: Higher Order Elements

Lecture 9: Isoparametric Formulation

Lecture 10: Numeric Integration in 2D

Lecture 11: Solution of Linear Algebraic Equations

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