Google Chrome

Probably my most used application because I'm a degenerate that wants to spend my attention span on something which is continuously changing. Something filled by the internet.

One of innumerable browsers to explore the internet, this page is where I'll jot down digital landmarks and other notable sites which existed at least one point on the internet. While I appreciate about this program in particular is that the setting sync between machines, which follows the principle of replicability on the internet. however that's due to a single Google account and It's a love-hate relationship between Google and I. As much as I enjoy their products and the services that they provide, I cannot help but think that at some point dedicating any more energy effort or most importantly money towards them would be a detriment to my overall well-being.

Address Bar

Typically the omnibar searches for a url but you can specify what you want to see on the screen

To create a browser into scratchpad to work in, copy and paste the following into search bar:

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

The point of this exercise is to show that

Hitomezash Generator

Random Binary Strings

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