Don't lie, you've been here before. I'm just trying to do something about it

Boredom is a sensation unlike most: it is a muting of all the stimulii that makes life interesting. Experiencing boredom is just a fact of life sometimes. When you have no plans to look forward to or no goals that progress can be made in, boredom is a natural outcome. Personally, I don't have a surefire way to fix this. All I have are the thoughts of others and some methods I use to try and combat it.

But like any emotion, it is nuanced. It's got layers and different types to suffer through. There is the boredom of waiting without anticipation, the boredom of repetion for same task, the boredom of being subject to an activity that doesn't provide enough stimulation, the boredom of confinement, the boredom of depression and anxiety that compounds the initial negative emotion, and the list goes on and on.

Boring, boring, boring. What is the point of it all? Boring to the point of pain? Why is boredom a sensation that we have to deal with? Is it supposed to serve as a warning for something? How physical pain is an indication of a bodily injury? That this nagging sensation is a drive to move us away from stagation that would do us harm?

These questions are (more than) a little outside the scope of my knowledge and I dare not attempt to answer them.


Stare off into the distance and day dream. Don't do this into the computer monitor if you're working at a desk because likely, you'll be drawn into work on the screen

Write in a digital garden.

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