Color Theory

Notes on how it works and made.

A variety of assorted topics:

  • On the color brown, which is dark orange with context.

  • Representation of color betwen RBG and HSV ; learning

Figure 3 of Chapter 16 is approximately normally distributed: wavelengths for maximum relative sensitivity is listed on the top scale, half responses on the bottom, in nanometers.

fi(λσi,μi)=e12(λμiσi)2σi2πi={blue, black, green, red}f_i(\left.\lambda\right|\sigma_i,\mu_i)=\frac{e^{-\frac{1}{2}\left(\frac{\lambda-\mu_i}{\sigma_i}\right)^{2}}}{\sigma_i\sqrt{2 \pi}} \quad i = \{\text{blue, black, green, red}\}

The expression is equal to 11 for the maximum and 0.50.5 for the annotated values.

How people see color

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