Sword of the Stranger

At this point I need to admit I have a macabre obsession about the Sengoku period

Some films have only a single quality which stands out: music, cinematography, and character development. This is not one of them, as "Sword of the Stranger" has them all. Music is *chef's kiss* A+. Animation from Studio Bones always solid and their fight scenes always shine (see All Might vs. Nomu from My Hero Academia, Wrath vs Scar from Full Metal Alchemist).

But the story does stand above the rest of the production.

Kotaro, Tobimaru, and Nanashi are the three protagonists in the film and the audience is introduced to them in that order. The opening scene is through Kotaro's eyes as he is pursued down the forest path. And one by one, we are introduced to characters which each have their own arc through the film.

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